Testimonial provided as the FOUNDER AND FORMER CEO KINGSMAN SA

"Jann George had successfully managed a couple of conferences in Australia for us but we decided to really put her to the test by asking her to organise and manage a conference in Dubai. She had never been to Dubai and, in order to reduce costs for us on what was an unsure new adventure, Jann didn't even go to Dubai before the conference. She succeeded in putting on a first class event. It was a truly remarkable achievement.

That was almost 10 years ago and since then, and under her management, the Kingsman Dubai Sugar Conference has become the "must attend" event of the sugar year. But then Jann has also successfully managed conferences for Kingsman in Singapore, Bangkok and Delhi as well as advising on events in Geneva and Sao Paulo. The Indian events were particularly challenging but she did them incredibly well, earning the respect and admiration not only of the whole Kingsman group but also of all the attendees. We called her "the producer of miracles".

So how did she do it? What was the secret of her success? Her first secret is sheer hard work. Jann rose to each new challenge by adjusting her working hours to fit the local time at the conference location, often working right through the night to talk to suppliers or to cope with everything that needed to be done. Her second "secret" is an attention to detail: every little thing matters to her and she is determined to get it right. The third "secret" is her ability to get on with people, not only with our clients, but also to get the best out of her team and her suppliers. Jann's fourth, and most important, "secret" is her positive attitude, her belief that everything is possible and that every obstacle can be overcome. Sheer determination can take you a long way."

CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER EMETERRA SINGAPORE (Former Managing Director of Global Sweeteners at Coca-Cola Co.)

"I have known Jann George for number of years and have seen her regularly in her role in organising global and regional sugar and ethanol conferences in various locations around the world. She clearly demonstrated her excellence in conference management for the several conferences organized by Kingsman, the industry leader in providing key prices and analysis to the sugar markets (now a part of Platts) in several countries. She had a large role to play in making the Kingsman Dubai Conference the place to be for those in the sugar world. Her flawless execution, professionalism, attention to detail and the ability to remain calm under pressure dealing with delegates from across the globe and a complex conference agenda, all enabled the Kingsman Dubai Conference to celebrate its 10th anniversary this year, firmly establishing itself in the global sugar calendar. I have no hesitation in recommending Jann as a very valuable and talented resource in the area of conference management and wish her much success as she grows her presence in this area."


"I have worked with Jann for several years on the Kingsman Conference events which are very important to the sugar industry. She is terrific, organising every detail of each event. She is a pleasure to work with, especially when something goes wrong - she always finds a quick solution! Jann is a valuable partner because her great attitude and excellent attention to detail. I wish her much success in her new ventures and trust that she is going to succeed."


"In the past 10 years I have been testimony of the superb organizational abilities of Jann George and her company (By George Consulting) in various geographies around the world.

Besides being very efficient, Jann handles her work with a personal, distinctive touch that adds great value to the human relationships established in these events.

She is a most valuable asset in many ways."


"Jann George has tireless enthusiasm 'to get the job done' and is passionate about the people involved in making that happen."

ASIA MANAGER Cargill Hong Kong Ltd

"For 10 years, I have always been delighted to see Jann George at the sugar industry conferences she has organised. Her commitment to make each and every conference a success is something I like the most. We have high expectations for her new challenges."