The Dubai Sugar Conference 2016

The Dubai Sugar Conference 2016 will offer with new perspectives that inspire and inform. It will be an ideal meeting place for those in the international sugar industry and for companies to hold their meetings in Dubai.

The By George Consulting team has already selected the Conference's five-star venue in Dubai and continues to creatively plan the new 'by invitation only' event.

Hosted by global sugar industry identities, Jamal Al Ghurair and Jonathan Drake, and managed by Jann George, this event will bring the key sugar industry players from more than 44 countries together to interact, to listen, learn, contribute and network.

International Sugar Industry Commodities Conferences

After attending a successful Australian conference organised and managed by Jann George in Australia, a Swiss businessman approached By George Consulting with the task of organising an annual international four-day sugar industry commodities conference in Dubai. Although By George Consulting had not previously organised a conference in the UAE, the team set out sourcing the most appropriate venue as well as essential suppliers. By George Consulting was responsible for every aspect of the event's organisation, including sourcing venues, sponsorship, registration, marketing, welcome reception, conference dinners, workshops, audio visuals, entertainment and on-site management. This presented a formidable challenge, as it involved working across several time zones, languages and cultures and sourcing quality suppliers in Dubai.

Despite these challenges, the event was carried off successfully, and Jann and the By George Consulting team was engaged to organise subsequent events. Thanks to our efforts, attendance grew from 56 attendees in 2004, to 660 from 44 countries in 2013. Attendees have included executive and senior management, soft commodity traders, analysts, mill and refinery owners, shipping companies, investment bankers, legal firms, and representatives from Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nestle, Mars and Kellogg.

Such was the success and patronage for the Dubai conferences that Kingsman SA engaged By George Consulting to organise and manage regional sugar conferences in New Delhi, India as well as Asia-Pacific conferences in Singapore and Bangkok, Thailand. Complete conference management was provided from sourcing venues to sponsorship registration, social activities and visa support.

Western Corridor Recycled Water Project

Water recycling was a highly controversial issue at the time, and so Jann was chosen for her experience in dealing with events and public awareness issues. She led a team that planned and ran the project’s public awareness and understanding campaign. This involved undertaking stakeholder engagement and risk management, and organising and managing three large public awareness events, the first of which was the opening of the Bundamba Advanced Water Recycling Plant (worth $388 million), the third largest project of its type in the world.

While managing the national media campaign for the water project, Jann also wrote several chapters related to the project in the book Sustainable Nation: Managing Australia’s Future, and successfully organised and managed three large-scale public events.

Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA)

The Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) is the peak industry body for advancing sustainability in Australia’s infrastructure. ISCA continually improves and expands its IS rating scheme to support industry needs and works with government to ensure sustainability in infrastructure has a priority. Its black tie dinner and Awards Night highlighted more than $39 billion in projects with which ISCA had been involved for certification purposes

The conference which followed featured high level speakers from government and industry who addressed building the business case for sustainability, addressing the challenges of project procurement and economics and workforce themes development. By George Consultancy was appointed to manage the black tie dinner and the Conference

Western Corridor Recycled Water Project

At the end of one of the harshest droughts on record, a small Queensland pastoral company, Primerino, produced a bale of high-quality superfine wool, which they wanted to sell for a record price in order to gain global attention for their brand. With only three weeks to develop and implement a global marketing campaign to sell the bale and launch the brand, this project was a real challenge. Especially so was the timing and the fact that we were asked to carry it out at a time when the wool price was severely depressed.

We came up with an innovative strategy that involved placing the wool bale in a bank vault under armed guard to reinforce the message of its inherent value. This move secured a front-page article in The Australian, which was the catalyst for a highly successful global media campaign.

The auction in Sydney attracted several international bidders, and the bale of superfine wool was sold to a wool fashion specialist from Beijing for $675,000 AUD. The sale price set an Australian record and was the world’s highest price for wool in 17 years ($7,500 per kilo rather than the normal average of $13 per kilo).

This campaign was also selected from a thousand entries worldwide to win the International Association of Business Communicators Gold Award.

National Conference on Infrastructure Sustainability Australian Green Infrastructure Council (AGIC)

The Australian infrastructure sector needed to deliver infrastructure at the design, construction and operation phases more sustainable.

AGIC implemented its voluntary infrastructure sustainability Rating Scheme to provide the industry with the relevant sustainability elements to benchmark and measure performance throughout the entirety of the project.

By George Consulting organised and managed the National Conference for Infrastructure Sustainability to explain the rating system and how industry leaders were dealing with challenges around sustainable infrastructure investment, delivery and operation supported with recent case studies.

Full conference management including sourcing venue, sponsorship, registration and marketing was undertaken. The event included a corporate dinner, networking cocktail party and launch of AGIC’s Rating Scheme rating icon.

PANBIO Limited

When the West Nile Virus emerged in Europe and North Africa it presented a significant threat to public, equine and animal health. The mosquito-borne virus infected around 4200 people and caused almost 300 deaths in the US. Incidence of the potentially deadly virus was expected to climb.

Listed medical diagnostics specialists PANBIO Limited became the world's first company to receive US Food and Drug Administration clearance for a diagnostic test for the deadly virus. Key challenges were how to make a major impact in the large US market, secure major laboratory customers ahead of quickly closing competitors and achieve a re-rating of the PANBIO stock in light of its expected success in the biggest market in the world.

A 'push-pull' strategy was used to generate interest in PANBIO and its product throughout the US, at a consumer and biomedical industry level. This fed into the Australian campaign to reinforce the significance in, and endorsement of, the product and company's potential success. Both campaigns drove interest in the company, its share price and generated US investment.

Goals and objectives were achieved. PANBIOs share price lifted 61% to an annual high of $1.10 and US investors joined the company’s share register on the strength of a highly successful media campaign across 45 US states.

The campaign resulted in major coverage for PANBIO and their new diagnostic test across North America and Australia. PANBIO received 360 placements across mainstream and regional media in the USA and Canada, including coverage in TIME Magazine and the Wall Street Journal, and interviews on CNN, CNBC, Fox Channels, Channel Nine, and ABC Business Breakfast. They were also featured in several health and medical magazines and journals.

Renewable Fuels Marketing Campaign - Ethanol

A pilot trial, part of a regional program, was developed, implemented and evaluated. The trial was soon followed by a state-wide marketing campaign to inform and educate motorists about the benefits of ethanol use. Logo identification, branding, advertising and marketing components were included in the overall project. Liaison and surveys were conducted with a broad range of stakeholders to measure community and industry understanding of, and support for, E10 fuel, Following the campaign, BP reported significant increases in the sale of E10 fuel, and surveys showed that E10 use increased to one in four customers using ethanol.